Barack Obama!!! So adorable! The Democratic presidential candidate from Illinois stopped by our neck of the woods yesterday on a PR stunt community outreach project by the SEIU, where presidential candidates shadow a union worker for a day. (Next up, Hillary Clinton, who'll be following around a nurse (though probably not in Northern California). The jokes kind of write themselves.)

Obama was assigned to follow Pauline Beck, an Alameda home healthcare worker, and, as Beck's client dryly remarked in the YouTube clip, "she put him to work." Obama swept up, dusted, mopped, washed dishes, did laundry, and made some beds. Entertainingly-tart Michelle Obama's going to have a great time mocking her husband over this one; we've collected all of Obama's quotable quotes on the topic:

--"My wife says my making the bed is a little shaky. The laundry and the breakfast, I can handle."
--"My wife's going to see all this and say, 'How come you don't do this at home?' I'm going to tell her I'm running for president. She's too smart to run for president. ... She just wants to tell the president what to do."
--"I probably haven't mopped a floor since I started my Senate race," with the hastily-added clarification, "Before that, that wasn't something I was averse to doing."

Why Barack put the butter away after breakfast? LOVE!!

Still from the SEIU's YouTube clip of Barack Obama assisting Pauline Beck yesterday.