Now that there will be no city sanctioned Halloween debauchery in the Castro, Civic Center, or anywhere else, it'll be exciting to see the police state that's sure to erupt come 10/31.

Even though, as Wyatt Buchanan reports in the Chronicle, "officials are still trying to prevent any festivities in the Castro" and that "Bevan Dufty sent a letter to 110 owners of bars, restaurants and stores in the Castro, asking them to close shop on Halloween night," the shit is still going to go on, obviously, one way or another. (If anyone has a copy of said letter, send it our way! Thanks.)

And will SFPD arrest crazy trannies, those carrying concealed fun-sized Snickers, or pimp/ho-costumed couples between 18th Street and Market? (Through we promise to look the other way if they swoop down on anyone dressed up as a sexy devil or sexy black cat.) How will this go down?

We understand that over the past few Halloweens, several unlucky goers have been shot and/or assaulted in the Castro. We stopped heading up to the Castro eons ago. Way before a fistful of City Hall rapscallions and a few progressive website "writers" were calling us "stupid fucking faggot," we were getting bashed on Halloween night with that spot-on term of endearment, regularly.

Anyway, we plan on checking out the showdown in the Castro come October 31. What will you do?