The Top 5 for last week, as selected by SFist's editors, were:

1, and 2) There were a bunch of great comments on the story titled "Surprise: Parking Garage Company Wants to Build LA-Style Garages in SF." These from murphstahoe ("Quit blaming "the rich". Start blaming "The Stupid"), and CRS (who maintained a level head and appropriate tone despite an apparently unpopular stance) were particularly well thought out and moved the dicussion forward. Like we say often at Top 5 HQ: just because we don't necessarily agree doesn't mean that we didn't enjoy your take on things.

3) It may not be surprising that another parking story, "Let's Talk About Parking Some More," spawned our next in the "Top 5." ChinaNob not only brought the strong opinion on "car sharing", but made a reading recommendation as well. It is summer, after all.

A non-parking-related winner! Number 4 last week was from MistahHM, who had an interesting point about businesses needing to take some responsibility for their garbage output. Funny that our commenters make better points of Gavin's "get rid of trash cans" plan than, well, the mayor's office. Plenty of good comments against it too.

Number 5 goes to KWillets' comment about what's going on with Supervisor Daly -- because, if nothing else, his assessment of "professional public relations people" totally nailed it.

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