It's been awhile since we had some Ed Jew news! Lying low, huh?

So we stopped by today to check out the reports about the District 4 supervisor's legal defense fund. Sure enough, there it is! You'll be pleased to hear that even if you maxed out your contributions to Ed during the District 4 race, you can still donate up to $100 more for "post-election legal proceedings," and if you've never given money to Ed, you can give a full $600. Send all checks to..... his Chinatown flower shop office.

And speaking of which! We stopped by Ed's Chinatown Canton Flower Shop this weekend! There were no flowers for sale at all -- only a couple potted plants that had no price tags on them, and a bunch of Chinese funeral arrangements. The store was small, had a jug of bottled water in the corner, and it looked like maybe a very small employee room in the back. Is that where the shower magic happens? (Sorry no pictures, we figured we'd get ourselves thrown out if we took any.)

And finally, scrolling through Ed Jew's website, he reports that the local cops caught a graffiti artist menacing District 4. Ed notes that the graffiti artist "resides in District 6." Hey, at least the graffiti guy lives in San Francisco. (We're not even touching Ed Jew's notice from May about how he's opposing hikes in water rates with Michela Alioto-Pier.)

Picture from the Ed Jew rally by SFist Jim.