Zuckerberg uses tape, you can use Camera Guard 2.

With how sophisticated hacking attacks and malware are these days, you can't do enough to secure your devices — that includes your webcam camera. Camera Guard 2 Pro is a comprehensive solution that helps block any invasive attempts to access your webcam camera or microphone. 

This powerful, intuitive software just needs two clicks to prevent unwanted infiltration by hackers or government officials alike. Even better, there's a smart Deep Detective™ feature that protects your computer's most critical system areas that house your personal data — that's especially relevant after the international wave of ransomware attacks that ravaged the private data of individuals and companies alike. 

With microphone protection that ensures your voice isn't recorded without your permission (for aggressive advertising tactics and otherwise), real-time reporting that notifies you of attempted security breaches the second they happen and smart ransomware protection, this software is the comprehensive solution you need to protect your personal computer. It can even be used with your current anti-virus or firewall software. 

Get a lifetime of protection — pick up Camera Guard 2 Pro for $14.99, or 90% off the original price of $149.99. 

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