On "Pirate Master" Nessa continued her flirting with fellow pirates who were open to it. Sean and Jupiter were not, and deemed her conniving, vowing to have her cast adrift at the next...casting adrift ceremony? During the treasure hunt, Nessa and the black crew lost, which meant she was in danger. Nessa eavesdropped on Sean and Jupiter as they discussed wanting to get rid of her, and the chance that she might bid on the pardon. Nessa talked to Joe Don, who had the pardon and he decided to give Nessa some money to help her with her bidding. And then Captain Fake Accent (he's back!), who had learned about Nessa's plans, decided not to put her up at all. He liked having her around as he found she helped to keep the women divided and aiming their sites on each other instead of him and his crew. Even though Nessa was not up for drifting, her bid for the pardon did come into play, as she outbid the blackspotted Sean, her mortal enemy, and he was cast adrift.