For those times you just can't stop at Starbucks.

The ultimate dilemma: you're always in a rush and don't have time to make coffee before leaving home. Rather than spending all your money at the Starbucks drive-thru, why not invest in a portable coffee brewer so you can have the coffee you love whenever you want it?

Thankfully, the Pascal Press Coffee Mug and Portable Brewer allows you to bring your coffee wherever you're headed because it's the ultimate coffee maker for those on the go. It works as a pressure brewer and travel mug, so it's basically like carrying around a French press you can drink out of (and the silicone grip makes it easy and safe to carry). All you do is put the coffee in and push down the plunger which filters the beans through a 120 micron stainless steel mesh filter. The best part is, unlike a lot of portable beverage containers, this one is completely BPA-free and food-safe, while the leak-proof lid is a lot more reliable than any to-go cup. 

The Pascal usually goes for $50, but right now you can get one in the sfist Shop for 30% off at just $35

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