Yay, everyone wins! Students get good job skills, the owners give back, and we get some yummy organic pies in the neighborhood. Plus -- Mission Pie stays open late! (until 10 p.m. on the weekends.) This is PERFECT.

It was kind of a quest to find the store -- the directions say it's at 2901 Mission, but after some frantic running around back and forth, we finally noticed the "Mission Pie" sign at the corner of 25th and Mission pointing down 25th Street. So turn the corner at the Southern Exposure gallery and the cafe entrance'll be right there: you can't miss the neon EAT PIE sign, or the board of today's specials.

As you can see, the specials the day we stopped by were strawberry-ollalieberry galettes, banana creme, walnut, and peach. And how were they?