Perhaps you would like a preview of the upcoming season from a totally official source? Well, you’re obviously not going to get that from us, but we are pleased to bring you the very first installment of A’s Anatomy; where the green and gold will be dissected all season, and no one will be spared, even if you’re Billy Beane and his BFF. (Just kidding, Bob Geren; welcome aboard!)

In case you have been living in a cave or following football, you may have missed the several off-season revelations that have left the 2007 Oakland A’s a dramatically different team than last year, which, if you remember, saw them all the way to the ALCS before being annihilated by the Detroit Tigers and Kenny “PineTar-Gate” Rogers.

The first change the team made (and it was done roughly five minutes after the A’s got on the plane back to Oakland) was the very public firing of manager Ken Mache, a move that we’ve been trying to spearhead for years. After a long and arduous process to find a replacement, during which the A’s lost potential managerial candidate and former A’s third base coach Ron Washington to the Texas Rangers, Bob Green emerged from the fray as the A’s new manager. We this move. Although to be fair, Billy Beane’s chair would have done a better job of making pitching changes than Macha (Game 161 of the 2004 season, anyone?), but really, let’s not rehash the past. Geren has something that Howe and Macha never did; he has a personal relationship with the enigmatic Billy Beane; it’s probably as close as we can get to Beane actually managing the A’s.

By Christy, contributing