ABC 7 is the latest people to do a survey on Gavin and all the recent Gavin news and found out that the dude is still pretty popular in town, all to the tune of 75% approval ratings. That's five percent higher than the poll Matier & Ross wrote about last weekend.

Other numbers in the poll--
-90% say he shouldn't resign
-79% say he should run for re-election
-85% say that none of this has changed their opinion of him
-Over 75% say they either care only a "little" about this or "not at all"
-60% say they'll vote for him again with 27% saying it'll all be up to who runs against him
-85% hate Britney's new bald look

You can read all the poll results here.

There's also some pretty fun comments posted made up of people who answered the poll questions. We particularly like this one:

At least Gavin Newsom slept with woman- unlike most other perverts that run this city. We all know he is an extremely good looking man and most guys envy him for that but they will give anything to be in his shoes!

Actually, we can summarize most of the comments thusly: "he's doing a good job and who cares?"

Of course, this hasn't gone without some negative spin. Tony Hall looked at those numbers and told ABC 7 that the numbers should be higher and that it shows that Gavin's not that popular. This makes us wonder just what sort of approval ratings Hall thinks Gavin should have. Hell, getting 75% of San Franciscans to agree on anything is almost impossible. We think even if you polled people on "Does LA suck" or "Are cute puppies the best thing ever" you still couldn’t get those numbers. Fog City Journal is still saying that Gavin is vulnerable this year , especially in fund-raising and Stephen T. Jones over at the Bay Guardian agrees.

We guess we shall see.