First the good news. In the grand tradition of show biz, the show went on and the choir group was able to continue on in their West Coast tour. That's why they were in LA this past weekend and where the investigators flew to interview them. The only one who couldn't sing was poor Sharyar Aziz, what with his broken jaw. They will continue on performing throughout the rest of the year.

According to the Yale Daily News, the families are frustrated in the lack of progress in the story. They are complaining that no interviews were conducted after the assault and that an investigator was assigned to the case only because of all the media attention. It’s also their belief that the investigation was slow to take off because of the prominence of the SF families involved and because the cops are investigating whether or not alcohol was served at the party. We have no idea why that matters to anything (good heavens, alcohol served to minors! Won't somebody think of the children?) other than maybe figuring out whether anyone was drunk. We also have a feeling it might be to tweak Reno Rapagnani and Leanna Dawydiak.

A few other things about the story. One is that in reference to the cops' claim that there was nobody around to get an interview with, Leanna Dawydiak basically calls Heather Fong either misinformed or a liar. Also, the reason why the cops initially expected members of the choral group to pay their way back to SF to help the investigators is because everyone's from Yale and therefore is affluent. Lovely.

And finally, Whitney Leigh told the papers that he hopes charges will come on down in a few days.