The main problem with JetBlue, though, is that they don't go to a lot of airports. Here, you could get them at Oakland but not at SFO. But not for any longer-- JetBlue will now be serving SFO. And we are stoked.

Starting May 3rd, Jet Blue will offer direct flights to JFK and Logan Airport at Boston. Tickets will start at $99 one-way but will eventually go up to around $159 to $399 later on. Flights to other airports will be added on later.

SFO has been trying to get JetBlue for years, especially in light of Southwestern pulling up stakes and going to Oakland. Other airlines fly to the East Coast from SFO, but this is the only discount airline. As for Oakland, JetBlue is planning on lowering the number of flights out the airport, but will still have flights running out of the airport.

Not everyone is excited, however. A few years back, Beyond Chron argued that "socially conscious" consumers shouldn't fly the Blue because it's non-Union and outsources stuff elsewhere. The term, in fact they use, is the "Walmartization" of the airline industry. To which we say, what part of leather seats and DirectTV do they not understand?