Before we go into our craft blog round-up for the week we wanted to be sure to give a nod to the great work Lisa Congdon and her family did on the art auction for the Kim family. Lisa, Gerrie Congdon, and Stephanie Barnes organized an amazingly successful auction which raised a total of $16,899.11. The generosity of both the people who bid and the talented artists who donated their work was astounding. All of the money will be donated to the James Kim Memorial Fund, and anyone who would like to give but didn’t get a chance to can donate money directly to the fund.

Remember back when Rita told us about the Daiso store that opened in the Serramonte Center? Well Natalie Zee of Craft Magazine has been too, and after seeing all the amazing craft stuff available there we’re thinking of a stealing a friends car and heading out to beautiful Daly City tomorrow. Besides scouting out all things good and crafty, the Craft blog, which is companion to Craft Magazine (sister of Make Magazine), offers podcasts where you can download free patterns, book reviews and links to tutorials on every craft you can imagine.

Photo courtsey of lamentables on Flickr.