Okay, before we all start screaming and shouting, it's more for the Golden Gate District than it is for the bridge as the district is about $87 million in debt. And even they seem to be aware that they're about to commit mass sacrilege.

So far, possible ideas might mean signs at the beginning or end of the bridge or some other type of low-key advertising. The idea they say is to get sponsors that fit into what the Golden Gate Bridge represents. We're guessing that means we won't see the Bud Light Golden Gate Bridge or the Levitra Golden Gate Bridge of Fremont. We should also mention that they've only so far hired a consultant to look into it as opposed to put the sucker in bidding.

But still.

The type of program they're looking for has been used so far with National Parks, a plan called ""Proud Partners Program" which has raised over $100 million for the national parks. And we should say that as much as the idea stinks, that's over $100 million dollars that the parks wouldn't have without the sponsorships. And it's either this or maybe raise fees on the bridge again.

But still....