Really, we hadn't planned on reviewing After all, we already signed off this week, in first person no less, and now we're back, talking like royals. (Seriously, I really did sign off of Stage Fog.)

So, why the change of heart? Frankly, it was the special invite that was sent out to bloggers and photobloggers to meet with some of the dancers prior to the performance. We figured if we rsvp'd to that, we should actually review the show. (The original invite also tempted us to an after-party, but alas, you needed VIP tickets to get in, and we didn't get 'em. Darn, now we'll never know if that really was Stephen Schwartz we saw at the door.) We couldn't help but wonder why the rest of the media--you know, newspapers maybe, and magazines--weren't invited to this special pre-show talk. The power of the blog!

Also, after an astute and rather hysterical comment on our Stage Fog where we led with Edward, we just couldn't resist checking it out and reporting back. The central question, as prompted by the comment: Were these guys a bunch of "assclowns" for making a musical based on the hit Tim Burton film? And, our own question: How do you dance around with a bunch of scissors attached to your fingers and not look ridiculous?

Edward Scissorhands.