Total number of people pictured in this week's Swells society column: 73.

Total number of people pictured whom we recognize: 11.

Minority count: 11. Not the same 11 whom we recognized. (15.3%)

Getty v. Traina: 6-1. Some Gettys went to two parties.

Hats, capes, tiaras: 2, 1, 0. This doesn't count the mention of Brittanie Mountz in a newsboy cap, accompanying Gavin to Denise Hale's Ritz-Carlton party.

Number of times Brittanie was caught drinking: 0.

Number of times Stanlee Gatti is mentioned: 20.

The amount for which the virtual Gatti lemonade stand went for at the auction at the Gatti-themed "Gatti's Brain" benefit party thrown by the Yerba Buena Center: $49,000 and $45,000.

The number of times a virtual lemonade stand can be auctioned off: 2.

Number of mentions of Charlotte Maillard Shultz: 1. Her reign of dominance begins anew!