Matier & Ross today has an interview with Gavin about the upcoming Mayoral election and his future in politics that's getting a lot of play. So what does the future hold for Mayor McDreamy? Only that he is "absolutely not convinced" that he's going to run again. How's that for definitive ambivalence.

And yes, we're going with Mayor McDreamy because we totally prefer it over Mayor McHottie.

Reading through the interview (so far only partial transcripts can be found-- M&R and KCBS seem to be hyping the interview yet so far it's not online) it sounds like our Mayor is having an early mid-life crisis. "You only get one chance in this thing called life," said Gavin, channeling Eminem, "you gotta have an intensity and passion, and I have that most days, and sometimes I don't. I don't know if I really want to do it for four more years, and I'm dead serious."

Gavin then did the "I don't want to whine" bit followed by some whining and took some responsibility for his miscues like the infamous So Best picture on the Getty rug. He also accepted all the attention thrown his way after the Great DeGelling of '06. But with that, he pondered why anybody would care about such piffles as the state of his hair or the state of the Mayoral member instead of say, Treasure Island development policy. To which we say, well, hello?

Many people seem to be wondering just what's up with the Gavin these days. He's been kind of AWOL on a lot of policy stuff, he's doing too many things that wind up in the gossip columns, and he's pulling a Hamlet on his future. We, dear readers, have a theory.