Okay, so yes, it's never been actually confirmed that Brittanie and Gavin are sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g or that they haven't broken up (we've heard rumors that they have), but regardless, as a full-service blog, it falls to us to, once again, Name That Couple! After all, it specifically says we have to in Section 1, Article B of our Blogging Union Guide.

And yes, somehow in our exhaustive reporting on the subject, we managed to miss this.

So, what she we call the happy twosome? Should they be Brittin? Gavannie? Nountz? Mounton? Something we haven't come up with?

Post your suggestions in the comments and we'll give the best one some mad props when we officially start the contest. Unfortunately, we're out of SFist shwag so consider it your fifteen minutes of SFist fame.