That Cubist-y gavel graphic Daly's picked to illustrate the evite is -- as is the greeting line: "Dear Mayor Gavin Christopher Newsom," as if some other Gavin Newsom, whose middle name is Edward, might otherwise accidentally get this evite and show up at the meeting. "No no no, I'm Gavin Edward Newsom."

Gavin is listed as "not yet responded" (we're sure he's getting automated reminders to rsvp even as we speak), but mayoral spokesman Peter Ragone has already declined the invitation on Gavin's behalf, saying that Daly's request is a "publicity stunt." Daly responds that Newsom is ignoring the fact that the city's budget analyst has noted a number of problems with the mayor's office's request and recommended that the request be put on hold.

We also liked the drop-down menu Daly's provided for "Please select something to bring," with the options of "thoughtful violence prevention plan" and "supporting documentation for expenditures." Is Brittanie bringing the booze?

Update: Gavin's response has been changed to "decline," with the notation: Didn't bother to show up. Awwwwww, sad!