Last week, San Francisco's #1 fan, Bill O'Reilly finally told his elderly and half-senile audience just what "San Francisco Values" are. And what are they? Well, let's go to the transcript, shall we?

"Nancy Pelosi is a committed secular progressive who embraces San Francisco values. Those are: a massive federal government that dispenses entitlements paid for primarily by affluent Americans. That is called income redistribution, or the shorthand: "tax the rich." San Francisco values also seek to exclude spirituality from the public square but embrace displays like the Bay City's gay pride parade, where Christianity is often mocked and demeaned.

Now, I'm not saying Congresswoman Pelosi is on board with that, but I am saying her district wants to ban military recruiting while setting up city-wide pot shops, and that San Francisco is now perhaps the most far-left city the United States has ever seen."