[Kimberly] Guilfoyle's plump lips retreat into a Jessica Rabbit pout. "But you're hot Zoolander! Sexy Zoolander! Zoolander!"

eric_villency_d-thumb.jpgThus are we introduced to New York's latest arriviste couple, The Guilfency, in October 2006's W Magazine, as Eric Villency gets called out for his sexy Blue Steel picture pose. (We cannot find an online link to this article for love or money, but we bet commenter ThatChick can!)

We're sorry to tell you there is no picture of anyone lying down on anything -- but So Best is indeed referenced in the article, in a paragraph describing Kimberly as "socially ambitious."

There is too much good stuff in this article. We're overwhelmed! Here's a summary of what we've learned:

--Kimberly says she wasn't dating Gavin when she escorted him to Beach Blanket Babylon with Prince Charles in November 2005. "I'm my own person in San Francisco. I was invited as myself." Sure! No ambivalence at all.

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