See, Rob joined the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and traveled to several third world countries to try and bring democracy to them. It didn't go so well. Or, at least, a lot of the countries he was involved in had bad things happen to them, you know, like the kinds of things that happen to third world countries. Countries like Zambia and Liberia and Paraguay. What does this have to do with Rob? Well, as the blog says: "Rob Black has left a trail of death, murder, instability, corruption and authoritarianism wherever he has tread politically." In other words, a vote for Rob is a vote for Charles Taylor. If he wins, the next thing you know, we'll have death squads roaming the streets! Heather Fong overthrowing the Government and installing herself as Military Junta! And the Mission and the Marina would finally start shooting at each other like we all know they secretly want to do. Cause, again, as the site says: "Don't let Rob Black leave a trail of disaster in The Tenderloin, SOMA and the North Mission like he's done from Zambia to Liberia and down to Paraguay."

We could be wrong here, but could one say that Rob Black, candidate for some city government job, just got Swift Boated. Oh, and seriously, what's up with the crappy Photoshop imagery? My computer illiterate mother could have done some better graphics.

Image of a young Rob Black with Jimmy Carter, plotting the overthrow of the Paraguayan Government from Rob Black's web site.