So after all that buildup -- it turned out that Newsom didn't have any new ideas at all, and basically gave out a Grampa Simpson list of MUNI complaints instead. [all actual Newsom gripes!]

Here's our favorite quote:

I don't like the [parking] meters in San Francisco. Why do we have the ugly streetscapes? Why is it that San Francisco would allow all these metal poles on the sidewalks?

Newsom also danced around the question of whether there should be fare increases: "I think we've got to be honest about fares. I do not want to see a fare increase, but we have to have an honest discussion ... let's get serious about setting best practices for setting our fares... [but] I absolutely do not support fare increases at this time." Well, thanks, Gavin, that was clear.

You know, it sounded less like a big mayoral policy speech and more like a perusal of the Dear Mr. Ford comments by our brilliant MUNI rider commenters instead. Take Newsom to town (on the 41 express bus), guys!

Update: Listen to Gavin's remarks here.

Picture of Gavin pretending to drive a MUNI bus from

These buses don't run on time! How come it's so expensive to take a cable car? I hate double parking! SUVs should pay more in city parking lots. Why aren't parking meters solar powered?