Does it matter that the freshly announced Skrillex and Fred Again show this weekend at Civic Center Plaza is already sold out, considering the show will be outdoors, and these gentlemen are not known for being particularly quiet? We’ll find out Saturday.

When dubstep DJ and alien death-ray sound effect virtuouso Skrillex posted the cryptic tweet below Monday, clearly promoting a June 1, 2024 show in San Francisco at “Civic Centre Plaza,” we had to wonder if it was one of those free outdoor concerts that Another Planet Entertainment promised. After all, those are supposed to happen this year, and Civic Center Plaza was listed as one of the outdoor venues (along with Embarcadero Plaza and Union Square).

Well, SFGate jumped on the story and found that the Saturday, June 1 concert also features Fred Again. But it is not a free show, even though it is an Another Planet Entertainment show. In fact, it’s an $80-per-ticket show, and that’s before you pay your Ticketmaster fees.

Make that a sold-out $80-per-ticket show. Tickets went on sale at noon Tuesday, and as seen above, the queue was packed with tens of thousands of buyers. Social media posts indicate the show sold out in under an hour.

But will you be able to hear the generally very loud Skrillex if you just show up without a ticket? The show is advertised as being at Civic Center Plaza, and that is outdoors. While the image above shows a marquee at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, that is a specific different venue from (though right outside) Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. And Another Planet Entertainment’s upcoming show list describes some events as being at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, but this one is promoted as being at Civic Center Plaza.

So it appears we are looking at an outdoor show by the very loud Skrillex. Previous Skrillex performances at the Portola Music Festival generated noise complaints, though all of the evening-set artists at that festival generated noise complaints. So we will have our answer to whether you can hear Skrillex for free, or how many complaints there will be from people who don’t want to hear Skrillex regardless of the price, when this show gets underway at 6:30 pm this Saturday.

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Image: TORONTO, ONTARIO - AUGUST 03: Skrillex performs at the 2019 VELD Music Festival held at Downsview Park on August 03, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Johan Johannesson/Getty Images)