The inaugural Portola Music Festival last year drew some loud complaints from residents across the Bay in Alameda, when the oontz-oontz music went on later than they liked — which was until 11 p.m. Now, the City of Alameda is taking some action after a second year of complaints.

"The Portola Music Festival in San Francisco caused significant noise impacts to Alameda residents again this year, despite changes made by the operator to try to address the noise impacts experienced last year," the city said in a Wednesday Facebook post. "As a result, the City is formally requesting that the San Francisco Entertainment Commission discontinue the event next year or move it to an alternative venue that ensures Alameda residents will not be impacted."

City officials obviously got an earful from residents complaining this year — and apparently the noise from Pier 80 impacts Alameda more than SF, but Potrero Hill and Bayview residents surely heard their share.

But will this go anywhere? The city is just instructing residents to let their complaints be known to the SF Entertainment Commission by email — but the vast majority of up-voted comments on the Facebook post are in support of the Portola fest and saying things like, "I would love a similar festival to come to Alameda! It would be great for the local economy and welcome to people who enjoy dance music."

As KPIX reports, in the days leading up to the fest, the City of Alameda and the Alameda Police Department both posted social media posts assuring residents that Portola Festival organizers had changed speaker configurations and hired "a sound monitoring consulting group" in response to complaints last year.

But likely at issue here is that there are just a lot of families with kids and early-to-bed types in Alameda who aren't pleased with hearing anything outside after 9 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday, and they're annoyed that this new festival came to disturb their sleep on two weekend nights, once a year.

Also, it's electronic music and the bass is, often, more intense than at an average music festival.

" has sounded like someone is jackhammering my walls with bass," reads one comment.

We could see the Entertainment Commission telling Portola that it needs to end at 10 p.m. on Sunday — like Outside Lands does — but even that isn't likely to appease some people.

Neither festival organizers nor the Entertainment Commission have commented yet on the new round of complaints.

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Top image: Portola Music Festival/Alive Coverage