• We’re getting updates from on the chaotic transfer of prisoners out of the closing FCI Dulin women’s prison, and the women have been sent as far away as Minnesota and Miami without medicine, sanitary products, or any idea where they were being sent. It appears pretty much all prisoners have now been transferred out at this point, but one batch reportedly sat on a bus in the parking lot for six hours without toilet paper, and then were sent back to their cells with no explanation. [Bay Area News Group]
  • A third baby falcon chick hatched early Tuesday morning after two hatched Monday morning, and a fourth egg may still yield another falcon chick. And remember, the nest’s webcam will be broadcast live on a big outdoor screen all day Wednesday (9 am - 7 pm) for Hatch Day on the Outdoor Screen at BAMPFA. [CalFalconCam via Twitter]  
  • More detail is coming about Tesla laying off 10% of the company, and about 2,750 of the eliminated positions will be in the Bay Area. Nearly 2,300 of the job cuts will be at the Fremont Tesla factory, while about 500 of the layoffs will be at the Palo Alto offices, and close to 3,000 of the layoffs will be at positions in Austin, Texas. [Reuters]
  • Google has fired 20 more employees connected to last week’s workplace protest a contract with the Israeli government, claiming these workers were “found to have been directly involved in disruptive activity.” According to unofficial numbers, Google has now fired 50 employees over the protests at both Google’s New York and Sunnyvale offices. [Chronicle]
  • A Mission Local investigation found that former Department of Building Inspection engineer Robert Chun kept his job for six years despite being under federal investigation for involvement in a prostitution ring, and even got a raise during that period. [Mission Local].
  • The Giants finally got a chance to use their flashy new light and sound system in a night game for the introduction of closer Camilo Doval on Monday night, and you can check out its pageantry below. [@ShaynaRubin via Twitter]

Image: @CalFalconCam via Twitter