Going to a Giants game this baseball season — or, likely, to any upcoming concerts at Oracle Park — is going to have a lot more nightclub vibes, thanks to a major lighting and sonic upgrade at the stadium.

The San Francisco Giants today unveiled a major makeover to the lighting and sound systems at Oracle Park, and a video released with the announcement — complete with DJ spinning on the baseball diamond — shows what some of the new lighting effects will look like. These include shimmery LED effects on the big overhead flood lights, a total Giants orange bath of light that can be cast over night games, and full on dancefloor gobos (pattern lights) that spin over the ballfield.

And, apparently, the bass will be thumpin'.

"The new sound system enhances the auditory experience for both fans and players," the Giants said in an announcement. "While volume levels have not changed, the intelligibility and consistency throughout the ballpark has significantly improved with the replacement of 523 ballpark loudspeakers, 56 amplifiers and overall audio infrastructure. The addition of subwoofers are sure to create a more immersive audio experience for fans while on-field audio coverage will enhance the player experience."

The team further explains, regarding the LEDs and gobos (that stands for Go Between Optics), "The upgraded lighting includes the replacement of sports lights with fully programmable LED fixtures and full color spectrum capabilities. Twelve moving light fixtures are now mounted along the upper rim of Oracle Park with camera tracking and custom ‘Go Between Optics’ capabilities. All lights are also now fully controllable for show-stopping lighting effects."


Photo via SFGiants/X

Other teams in the Major Leagues apparently have some similarly modern lights at their home stadiums, but apparently the Giants will be the first to have spotlight capability. As NBC Sports commenter Alex Pavlovic quips, "Camilo Doval’s entrance is about to go to the next level."

NBC Sports throws a little shade saying, "Giants fans are hoping that the on-field results are as electric as the stadium upgrades," because, "San Francisco has been splurging during the offseason [on players], with only the Los Angeles Dodgers spending more money in free agency."