While election results are still pouring in, there are enough ‘women vs. women’ primary races that come December, the California state Senate is likely to be comprised of 53% women.

According to the US Census, women comprise about 49.9% of California’s population. But women do not have half of the state’s political representation, and have never had anywhere near it.

But now women are poised to take more than half of a state legislative body, in the California state Senate, at least. The Bay Area News Group reports that women are expected to achieve gender parity in the California state Senate, with the results of the March 5 primary elections coming in.

Yes, a number of districts are still too close to call. But as the News Group explains, “enough districts are held by women not up for election this year or have two women who are advancing to the general election that women are expected to hold 53% of Senate seats by the end of the year, according to data from Close the Gap California.”

(Close the Gap California is an advocacy group that works to recruit women to run for the state’s legislature.)

“It’s great that the California state Senate can reach this significant milestone, especially because democracy is best served when the makeup of elected bodies closely reflects the populations they represent,” state Senator Catherine Blakespear (D-San Diego County) told the News Group. “We still have a long way to go to reach gender equity across all segments of society where important decisions are being made, such as in corporate boardrooms, on nonprofit boards and in the highest elected offices, including governor, U.S. senator and president.”

Meanwhile in the other state legislative body, the California Assembly, women hold 32 out of 80 seats, and therefore hold about 40% of that chamber.

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Image: California state capitol building interior, State Senate room (Getty Images)