Five individuals were arrested Saturday night after an hourslong chase that involved the Alameda County Sheriff's Office helicopter tracking a speeding vehicle through the East Bay and back and forth across the Bay.

A Dodge Charger that was initially clocked by CHP officers in Hayward driving 130 miles per hour on I-880 had five individuals inside of it Saturday just after midnight. There was some sideshow activity all around the Bay on this warm-weather weekend, and a newish task force called RESET (Regional Side Show Enforcement Team) was conducting land and air surveillance in the unincorporated area of Alameda County near Hayward.

The task force includes CHP officers, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office (ACSO), and the police departments of Hayward and San Leandro. Between the ACSO air unit and CHP cruisers, the Dodge Charger was tracked speeding into Oakland and onto the Bay Bridge.

In San Francisco, the air unit observed five individuals get out of the Charger and get into a Chevrolet C7 Stingray Corvette. RESET officers attempted to pull the call over as it left San Francisco, but the suspects allegedly fled on 101 southbound to Redwood City, on their way back toward Hayward.

Officers also said they observed a Glock handgun getting tossed out of the car while the suspects were in San Francisco, and they allege that the handgun and the Stingray were both stolen.

Still being followed by the chopper overhead, the suspects ended up trying to abandon the Corvette in the marshland near Eden Landing Road, just off the San Mateo Bridge on the Hayward side.

CHP shared video of taken from the helicopter, showing the individuals exiting the car and attempting to run into the marsh. All five were apprehended by RESET, and it's not yet known what charges they each face. Their identities have not been publicized.

"After several hours of dangerous and reckless activity, all five suspects were arrested," CHP Hayward says on Facebook. "The stolen Corvette and stolen handgun were recovered, and the Charger was impounded for 30 days. This incident is a great example of how we work hand in hand with our allied agency partners to keep our communities safe."