Today in “How did that happen?,” a cargo truck was somehow left completely submerged underwater at the Oakland Estuary. The vehicle has been pulled out, and thankfully no one was inside.

The Oakland Estuary, the sort of river that runs between Oakland and the eastern side of the island of Alameda, is no stranger to very odd incidents. Lately we’ve heard stories of “pirates” in the estuary, as encampments and maritime theft have become more common in the area. And in previous years, everything from cargo ship containers to dead bodies have been found in that water.

Now we have another eyebrow-raising incident there, as the Chronicle reports that a cargo ship somehow ended up entirely underwater at the estuary on Sunday. The Chron also has a picture from the scene showing  the large cargo truck very much out of place.

“It’s unknown how it got in there,” Oakland Fire Department spokesperson Michael Hunt told the Chronicle.

Both the Oakland and Alameda Fire Departments were involved with pulling the vehicle out of the water, responding to flummoxed calls by residents that started coming in just before 4:30 p.m. Sunday, reporting the truck submerged in the water.

According to KRON4, no one was found inside the vehicle, and the fire departments, as well as police and medical personnel, scoured the waters around the vehicle to make sure no one was in the water either. Still, they have no explanation for why the cargo truck was somehow entirely submerged underwater.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Oakland Police Department at (510) 238-3728.

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Image: @alamedacityfire via Twitter