Despite being weighted down with four 25-pound weights, a man's body — at least his feet — floated to the surface of the Oakland Estuary and was spotted early this morning when a fisherman near the Jack London Aquatic Center saw shoes floating near the surface. Oakland police and the Oakland Fire Department later retrieved the body from the water, and they're still only calling the death "suspicious.'

Apparently, police have identified the victim, but they're withholding his name while they investigate. A witness says that the fisherman had taken note of what may have been the victim's car, a red car, parked nearby for several days. The OPD is saying that the body had been submerged for at least several days.

Update: The body has been identified as that of Christopher Lattie of Susanville. Lattie had a history of mental illness and had not been seen for several weeks. Authorities believe he had been living out of his car for a while, and it was found parked in a nearby parking lot filled with literature he appeared to have been reading to prepare for death. They believe he killed himself by weighting himself down either late Monday or early Tuesday. [Tribune]

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