A wolf-dog hybrid had been on the loose since the middle of last week in Sebastopol, but a rescue operation successfully caught the canine Monday morning, and he’s been reunited with his owners.

You may have noticed our story this weekend about a very chill coyote just hanging in the sun on someone's patio furniture here in San Francisco. But there was more serious canine trouble up north in Sebastopol, as KRON4 reported a wolf-dog hybrid had escaped from his owners and was running loose throughout the town. The Sebastopol Police Department said in a warning, “If spotted, DO NOT APPROACH. Contact law enforcement immediately.”

But a days-long search for the wolf-dog hybrid named Shadow reached a safe and successful conclusion Monday. As KRON4 now reports, the wolfdog has been found and returned home.  

“Shadow the wolfdog has been caught and is back home safe and sound,” North Bay Animal Services said in a Monday morning Facebook post. “With the incredible teamwork of our Animal Control Officers, Shadows pack members, Max and Sky, along with the help of Shadow's owner, we successfully reunited him with his loving family."

Shadow was not an easy catch, according to North Bay Animal Services executive director Mark Scott.

“Unfortunately, there was a huge field nearby with 280 acres of land, so we were out there until around 9 or 10 o’clock last night trying to get him to go toward the owner’s other dogs,” Scott told SFGATE. “He was too much in flight mode, and it was rainy and dark so we decided to let him stay where he was and try again this morning.”

And yes, it is legal to keep a wolfdog as a domestic pet in California, as long as the dog is not a first-generation wolfdog.

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Image: North Bay Animal Services via Facebook