Incel messiah Tucker Carlson debuted his new Twitter streaming show this week, and it’s now two episodes in, with Elon Musk apparently gaming the Twitter platform to wildly over-inflate how many views the videos appear to be getting.

Would you give up a reported $25 million severance package to start a low-budget, ten-minute Twitter show that pays you nothing whatsoever? That appears to be what fired Fox News tantrum personalty Tucker Carlson is doing. We learned last month that the freshly shitcanned Carlson would be taking his TV act to Twitter, and the first two episodes were posted this week. And Axios reported earlier this week that Fox News attorneys say Carlson is breaching his Fox contract, thereby jeopardizing his golden parachute from the network.

Screenshot: ​​@TuckerCarlson via Twitter

The production of this show is so poor it makes the old look like a James Cameron movie. But Elon Musk’s blue-check suck-ass brigade is busily parroting the demonstrable baloney that the Twitter show is getting an exponentially larger audience than Fox News ever did. Sure, Carlson’s first episode on Tuesday (click if you must) currently displays as having more than 111 million views, and the second episode from Thursday is displaying 46 million views.

But these numbers are bullshit! Carlson's videos are set to autoplay, so it counts as a full view even if you scroll right past the post on your timeline without even noticing it. Forbes verifies this, reporting that “views are registered if users saw the post through Twitter’s app or a web browser and does not take into account how long the video is watched.”

The reviews are coming in, and many are quite funny. Business Insider says Carlson “looked like he was broadcasting from a terribly constructed horror-movie set.” Variety writes that the setting was “complete with unfinished wood and fishing rods that clashed with his preppy tie and blue blazer attire.” The New York Times quips that Carlson’s conspiratorial ravings were the “intersection of Fox News and Fox Mulder,” and adds, “The overall look is talk-show Green Acres, or Ron Swanson if he shaved and went to prep school.”

Forbes also confirms that Carlson is not getting paid for this. That outlet says that Musk “said last month that Twitter and Carlson have not signed a deal for the show, but noted that the host could potentially receive some subscription and advertising revenue-sharing.”

So Tucker Carlson is getting a little news bump out of starting a Twitter show. But what may end up being more newsworthy for Carlson in the long run, in the wake of Thursday's Trump indictments, is the legitimate possibility that it was accidentally revealed on Carlson’s Fox News show that one of the people that Trump showed classified documents to was Kid Rock.

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Screenshot: ​​@TuckerCarlson via Twitter