Lest you think that Elon Musk might have been reconsidering his recent decision to go on Tucker Carlson's now canceled Fox News show to talk about his concerns for the future of artificial intelligence... he's now doubling down on his apparent love for Carlson and hosting his new "show" on Twitter.

What's that you say about texts that reveal just how actually racist former Fox News host Tucker Carlson's views are, off-camera? Welp, one person's racism is another person's "free-speech absolutism" I guess. And Carlson has now teased that his new "show" will be broadcast on Twitter.

Carlson is basically radioactive for the news media at this point, even if he may have had millions of loyal, nightly viewers on Fox News who are addicted to his brand of America-is-going-to-hell-because-of-wokeism-Democrats-and-non-whites panic mongering. And the recently revealed private texts he sent after January 6th, talking about how "it's not how white men fight," offer proof that his on-camera persona wasn't all just Fox-and-Friends-style bluster. He's actually racist, and that wasn't all just a persona for ratings.

But he announced in a three-minute video today on Twitter that he's "back" already, after losing his job at Fox amid that record-setting settlement in the Dominion trial. And the platform that will currently have him is Elon Musk's Twitter — something that is sure to win Twitter a bunch of new fans among the over-60 retiree set in Florida and Arizona.

Carlson's brief diatribe, if you can stomach it, talks about how the rest of the news media can call things "true" even when they're essentially lies, basically saying that bias dictates everything and America is being lied to daily — I guess about racial injustice and crime? Or something?! He's also basically arguing for the idea that his opinions, which he thinks are "true," are truer than the "facts" presented by mainstream media.

It gets to be some kind of pseudo-philosophical word salad, but in the media, he says, "there are always limits" to what a person can say in an effort to get at "the fullest truth."

"And you know if you bump up against those limits often enough, you will be fired for it," Carlson says. "You can't have a free society if people aren't allowed to say what they think is true."

Oh god it's all so infuriating and thick-headed racist and his whiny, arrogant delivery is enough to make anyone want to scream. And it should be noted that Carlson is a big promoter of conspiracy theories, about everything from the JFK assassination to "testicle tanning." So that should be great for Twitter.

Carlson says that "starting soon, we'll be bringing a version of the show we've been doing for the last six and a half years to Twitter," neglecting to mention that Twitter was likely the platform that would have him at this point.

The deluded among Carlson's fans are already tweeting responses like "More people will now be tuning in to Twitter than all the major media organizations combined. GOOD!"

No doubt this will bring some segment of extra conservative traffic to Elon Musk's enterprise over there. But this will also likely be at the expense of more major advertisers and a huge swath of non-racist, and highly popular users who are disgusted with this latest gaffe. Because it's all about "free speech" says Musk, apparently not understanding that virulent, racist speech shouldn't be celebrated, accepted, or embraced.

As CNN notes, Tucker Carlson can afford to do something like this, likely for free, because his full $20 million/year contract was expected to be paid out in full by Fox News. However, "His move to launch a show on Twitter could jeopardize whether he ultimately receives that money."

Reactions to this will be swift and many in the coming hours and days.

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