Late Saturday afternoon, chaos erupted on the Bay Bridge in California as a group of approximately 100 bikers took over the bridge’s westbound lanes to put on a sideshow.

The sideshow took place on the upper (westbound) deck of the Bay Bridge around 5 p.m., KRON4 reported.

The California Highway Patrol confirmed the occurrence of the sideshow to KRON4, warning that such activity is illegal and can cause serious harm to both participants and innocent bystanders.

But according to KRON4, drivers didn't look that unhappy. Traffic on all five lanes came to a standstill around 5 p.m. for a few minutes, and car drivers and passengers got out of their cars to take videos of the stunts around them.

KRON4 even got some video — and you can watch it here. The video shows a massive group of adrenaline-seeking motorcyclists popping wheelies and revving engines.

CHP has not yet said if any arrests took place in connection with the latest activities on the Bay Bridge.

Saturday’s sideshow comes after a wave of sideshows hit San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose last weekend. Police touted that they did make a few arrests, handed out more than 30 citations, and impounded nearly a dozen cars. The San Jose Police Department, in particular, has made use of helicopters and implemented stricter sideshow enforcement laws to crack down on the sideshows.

And it’s not the first recent Bay Bridge sideshow, either. We wrote about one in December that moved from the Embarcadero onto the Bay Bridge, and there was another in mid-February in which one arrest was made..

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Feature image via Unsplash/ Cedric Letsch..