After a wave of sideshows again hit San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose this weekend, police are touting that they did make a few arrests, handed out more than 30 citations, and impounded nearly a dozen cars.

We wake to news of another round of Bay Area sideshows this morning, but people near 16th and Mission Street in San Francisco were awakened by the sideshows Saturday night, folks in West Oakland heard the sideshows early Saturday morning, and San Jose had at least three sideshows Sunday night, as KTVU reports on at least six sideshows across the Bay Area this weekend.

The San Francisco Saturday sideshow appears above. KRON4 describes it as taking place “on Saturday,” and adds that “St. Matthews Lutheran Church is visible in the background of the video.” That would place this sideshow at 16th Street, between Guerrero and Dolores Streets. Law enforcement SUVs do appear at the end of the video, though SFPD has not made any statements about these proceedings.

And that sideshow was quite tame compared to the one that occurred at Fifth and Adeline streets in West Oakland, which had a “fire circle” plus a fair amount of fireworks. The Chronicle also reports on a second Oakland sideshow about three miles north. “Another 100 vehicles took over the intersection of 45th and Market streets in Oakland's Longfellow neighborhood, near houses, a market and a laundromat,” according to the Chronicle. “Oakland police made one arrest, handed out 10 citations and towed eight vehicles, according to a preliminary report from Police Department spokesperson Candace Keas.”

And at least three sideshows took place in San Jose on Sunday, per KTVU, at Sierra Road and Flickinger Avenue, near Alum Rock and White roads, and at Old Almaden road and Curtner Avenue.

Additional San Jose sideshow videos show that one of these happened in broad daylight. (It’s unclear what is meant by “@SJFD @SanJosePD help drunk person after sideshow.”) But the Chronicle reports that San Jose “police said they deployed a helicopter and ‘flooded’ streets to disrupt a sideshow at Old Almaden Road and Curtner Avenue,” and San Jose police say they arrested four suspects, issued 21 spectator citations, and impounded three vehicles.

That's a larger haul of arrests and citations for San Jose, which may indicate that department’s use of helicopters and San Jose’s stricter sideshow enforcement laws are yielding more arrests. But from the looks of this weekend, they may not be preventing more sideshows from occurring.

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Image: Joe Kukura, SFist