Another storm has brought another set of broken windows to 350 Mission Street, the high-rise otherwise known as Salesforce East, in a story that’s becoming frighteningly common this month.

The glass-covered San Francisco high-rise at 350 Mission Street (at Fremont Street), lately called Salesforce East, is perhaps best known for its razzle-dazzle high-tech video wall in the ground floor lobby. But as we endure the umpteenth storm of this winter, 350 Mission is instead becoming known as a broken-window building. NBC Bay Area reports that more cracked and broken windows were discovered on that building Tuesday morning, its second busted-window incident in the past seven days of storms.

This building is not Salesforce Tower itself, but Salesforce leases most of the building. And in last Tuesday's storms, this very same 350 Mission building was found to have at least 20 broken or cracked windows. It’s unclear whether the broken windows reported today did in fact break today, or if they broke last week.

Main Street and Fremont Street were both closed to pedestrians and traffic for a few hours Tuesday morning, but they've since reopened. According to KTVU, “Engineers were able to secure the building and no injuries were reported.”

The video above is from last week’s window breakage. KTVU reported at that time that  the building was cited in a Department of Building Inspection violation for the many broken windows.

This is now the sixth damaged-window incident in the past week, and yes, something’s got to be done before people start getting killed. "I expect to introduce that legislation on April 4th as well as call hearings to bring national and international experts,” Supervisor Aaron Peskin told KTVU. “I mean this is not happening in Singapore with typhoons. This is not happening in Chicago, the windy city. Why is it happening here?"

Peskin says April 4, because regrettably, the board is not meeting today for its usual Tuesday hearing because of Spring Recess. That delay may prove unfortunate, because the way this windy winter has gone, falling windows and panels are suddenly occurring at a frequency we’ve never seen.

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Image: Kilroy Realty