• Police arrested a man in San Jose Friday for allegedly possessing explosive materials, possibly in connection with two separate explosions that damaged PG&E transformers in San Jose on Jan. 5 and Dec. 8. The suspect, 35-year-old Peter Karasev, faces felony charges for having a large amount of explosive material in the two-story home he lived in with his wife and two children, according to police. [KNTV]
  • The famous photo collection from Pier 24 Photography — which is set to close in July 2025 — will be auctioned off starting this spring at Sotheby's, it announced Friday. Sotheby's estimates the proceeds of the collection from founder Andy Pilara’s foundation, which includes works by 500 photographers including Dorothea Lange, to be over $15 million. [Chronicle]
  • The van containing 10 cats from an animal shelter in Napa that was stolen earlier this week was found Thursday night, police say. Apparently, all the cats are feline fine. [KTVU]
  • E-40 got phobombed by Steph Curry while courtside at Thursday night’s Warriors game. In the video, the rapper, caught off guard, laughs and tells Curry, "Hey boy, you crazy!" [KTVU]
  • The California state Supreme Court announced a new ruling Thursday that decreases the penalty for pregnant women who use dangerous drugs while pregnant. These suspects can no longer be charged with first-degree murder, unless there is evidence that they intend to kill the infant — however, they can still be charged with lesser degrees of homicide. [Chronicle]
  • A new analysis found that Elon Musk’s private jet has flown the most among U.S. billionaires, amounting to roughly 2,112 metric tons of greenhouse gases emitted from flights in 2022 (140 times the average American’s carbon footprint). [Bloomberg]
  • One of the Marines charged with stabbing and slashing a female hiker passerby in Pacific Grove over 20 years ago is set to be be released from a California prison after being granted parole, despite protests from prosecutors and the victim’s family. [KRON4]
  • Oakland Police said that the department will be cracking down and enforcing greater penalties for those attending and participating in sideshows, following last weekend’s viral videos of a big rig joining one. [Twitter]
  • California might ban salmon fishing this season, set to begin in May, as the fish population along the Pacific Coast has reportedly dropped to its lowest point in 15 years, officials announced this week. [Chronicle]

Image of Pier 24 Photography via Google Street View.