In one of three separate sideshow incidents early Saturday in Oakland, a big rig took center stage and, with a shipping container in tow, spun a few donuts near the Port of Oakland, to the delight of the assembled crowd.

This may be a first for sideshow culture, which was born in the Bay Area and has arguably picked up some momentum in the last couple of years: A big rig doing donuts.

A truck driver who clearly knew the drill and wanted to show off joined the party Saturday, apparently at Maritime Street and Grand Avenue near the Port of Oakland, under what appears to be an overpass of I-880. Multiple participants then tried to jump onto the back of the container on the truck's trailer.

As KTVU reports, and SFist briefly noted yesterday, multiple sideshows with unknown overlap occurred Friday night into Saturday in Oakland, starting with one just after midnight near Keller Avenue and Mountain Boulevard. That one involved at least 30 cars.

Around 10 vehicles showed up near the Grand Lake Theater around 12:35 a.m. Saturday, near 3200 Grand Avenue, as the Chronicle reports. And around 45 minutes later, Oakland Police officers headed to Edes Avenue  and Hegenberger Road, near the Oakland Airport, where a third event was taking place. The timing of the big rig event in relation to these others is not clear.

Oakland police put out a warning early Friday saying "OPD will have additional resources on the streets this weekend for enforcement of illegal sideshow activity." But that didn't deter the multiple sideshows that erupted. A similar tweet was posted on Saturday, after these events occurred.

The police department says it is investigating these incidents.

At the moment, the only threat the police have for participants is that vehicles could be towed and put on 30-day holds.

Other cities in the Bay Area, including San Jose, have enacted more strict laws in which all participants, including those just spectating, can be cited and fined.

Oakland City Council member Noel Gallo issued a statement Saturday, per KTVU, saying, "This has to end. There’s no explanation, no justification why they go out there destroying the neighborhood and creating safety issues for myself. It makes no sense."

Gallo added, regarding further enforcement, "My city council felt very strongly they didn’t want to cite the spectators and I said, well that’s fine. What we have is an agreement with the city attorney with the administration. And an agreement with the police department. We want to go after the promoter, to clearly identify the promoter."

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