A Napa animal rescue, shelter, and adoption organization had its van stolen this weekend, but more alarmingly, there were 16 rescue cats in the van when the cat burglar struck.

The city of Napa has a cat and dog rescue organization called Whiskers, Tails and Ferals, an all-volunteer organization that spays and neuters abandoned or feral cats and dogs, cares for them, and helps them find forever homes. Noble work indeed, but that work was disrupted apparently on Saturday night at around 11 p.m., as KRON4 reports that their van with 16 cats inside was stolen.

“Our Whiskers Tails and Ferals van has been stolen from the front of my house,” the rescue organization says in the Facebook post above. “It’s a Ford transit vehicle big white van here in Napa. It has cats in traps that were just trapped here in Napa in the back of the van. I could care less about the van. I want my cats!!!!”

“A thief rode up on his bicycle [and] hotwired” the van, the post notes, indicating the theft occurred at about 11 p.m. Friday night. The post also helpfully adds that the van’s license plate number is 48007E2.

There were a reported 16 cats inside the vehicle, and heartbreakingly, they were about to be taken to a veterinarian for medical care. The van has been reported stolen to the Napa police, but reportedly is still missing as of Monday afternoon.

Anyone with information on this incident, or possible knowledge of the van's whereabouts can is asked to call Whiskers, Tails and Ferals at 707-258-CATS (2287).

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Image: Whiskers, Tails and Ferals via Facebook