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14 Best Embroidery Shops To Make Custom Apparel & Swag in 2024

Tech companies, those powerhouses that seem to effortlessly sprawl across the Bay Area, have certainly to make their first splash, tend to opt for custom swag. That ubiquitous branded Patagonia vest was practically synonymous with the San Francisco tech scene, eventually becoming fodder for local humor, until Patagonia famously halted the trend among techies and bankers with equal dismissal. But it's not just big tech in need of that personalized touch. The Bay's local service businesses are consistently on the hunt for their own branded essentials—think custom embroidered shirts, hats, jackets—to set their workforce apart while on duty. Embroidery shops in SF, meanwhile, find themselves routinely bombarded with requests not just from corporations but for personalized touches on bachelorette apparel and wedding keepsakes, with a special shout-out to Sonoma's party scene. Why is this list free to read?

The Full List of Best SF Emboridery Companies

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Skyy Rose Customs

Skyy Rose Customs has emerged as a leading name in bespoke embroidery within the Bay Area, distinguishing itself through its handcrafted, detailed designs that combine artistry with meticulous craftsmanship. Catering to clients seeking unique, story-telling pieces, the company's approach is one of precision and passion, placing an emphasis on quality and customization to meet individual needs and tastes. With a mix of traditional techniques and modern design sensibilities, Skyy Rose Customs produces items that are both timeless and fashionable, appealing to a contemporary audience.

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Barbara's Custom Embroidery is a San Francisco-based sewing company founded and run by Barbara Zerbe. Her three children also work in the sewing industry, with one of them even owning their own business as well. She started her company under a different name in 1999. Since then her business has moved to a larger space. She works by taking designs submitted by the customer then has them stitched onto garments. She programs and stitches each order with Tajima embroidery machines. Projects at Barbara's Custom Embroidery usually take around two to three weeks, though sometimes they may take longer depending on how complicated the piece is and whether or not the order is a rush order. She charges around $400 per 12 pieces of embroidery. The minimum order amount is 12. Barbara is the only employee at her small business where she spends her time perfecting her craft. This is evident by her 50 years of experience and her five-star rating on Google.

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Graphic Affect Branding

Graphic Affect Branding is a branding apparel, printing and promotional products company in San Jose, CA. Founded in 2008, its staff has over 30 years of combined experience in its industry. Its branding apparel business offers many projects for clients like sports teams, corporations, small businesses, schools and more. It offers many full color printing services at fair prices. These services include business cards, brochures, postcards door hangers, stickers, full vehicle wraps and more. Giving promotional products to customers, employees and the public is a popular way of advertising a business. At Graphic Affect Branding, we offer many promotional items including coffee mugs, medals, water bottles, pens, pencils, lanyards and many other items.

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Carlene's T-Shirt Corner

Carlene's T-Shirt Corner has been providing embroidery and screen printing services to the Bay Area for over 25 years. Everything they do is in-house, so customers can rest assured that they will have say and control over ever aspect of the process. Carlene's T-Shirt Corner is also available to help customers create their own custom designs if they don't have one already. Their catalog offers a wide variety of merchandise to choose from for companies to print or embroider their design.

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Embroidery and Moore

Bare-bones brand Embroidery and Moore is a retail chain dedicated to custom embroidered and screen-printed apparel, promotional goods, and other items. The company offers many products, including custom embroidered shirts, hats, bags, and other promotional items. It can also personalize products with names or logos, such as wedding dresses. As a result, embroiderers can always rely on this company for high garments at affordable prices set with care. You'll also love to know that Embroidery and Moore uses various embroidery stitches to create the highest quality bespoke goods at their locations across the United States. Customers can also order online through the company's website. Customers who don't know what type of embroidery they want should consider visiting Embroidery & Moore to see an extensive selection of decorative designs that will help them best showcase their message. Embroidery & Moore has several locations across the United States. Visit them for excellent customer service and reasonable prices!

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TI Embroidery

TI Embroidery, located in the Bay Area, is a shop that offers custom embroidery and screen printing. They work with their customers to create unique designs that be embroidered or screen printed onto any surface. They also print designs onto patches and stickers. Customers can bring their designs in any format and rest assured that TI Embroidery will bring their ideas to life. They offer unmatched quality and service, attested by their many happy and satisfied customers.

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Coast Designs

Coast Designs helps companies and groups prepare for events by providing high quality screen printing services. This company also completes affordable personalization work on water bottles, mugs, and more. Coast Designs completes projects in good timing, and they provide rush services for those who decide they need help at the last minute. This company has strict quality control in place for all of their projects, and they attempt to make each one of their customers pleased with their personalization work.

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BOV Embroidery

In the world of small businesses, branding acts as an integral factor for success. When entrepreneurs consider which of the many promotional companies may assist them in getting their logo into the marketplace, BOV Embroidery stands out as a trustworthy and collaborative option. Since they are a family-owned business, they understand the importance of communication and support. Not only do they offer logo embroidery services, but they also provide screen printing and laser engraving. The possibilities for where to exhibit a logo are endless, which allows small businesses to easily select promotional products that work best for them. BOV Embroidery conveniently provides catalogs and a quote calculator right on their website, so no time is wasted planning logistics. From t-shirts to baseball caps to bags, this company encompasses sportswear, business casual, and tactical gear all available for branding. The stellar high-quality finished product solidifies BOV as an essential business partner.

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FullyPromoted (Prev. EmbroidMe)

FullPromoted offers the best of both worlds. As a member of the community, they support small businesses and offer individualized care to all customers; however, as a member of the world's largest embroidery franchise, FullPromoted opens the door to worldwide resources. They don't stop at embroidery, though. FullPromoted provides a plethora of services, including screen printing and promotional products. Small businesses looking to get started with business cards, embroidered polos, and pens can find everything they need in one place when working with FullPromoted. Alternatively, global businesses placing large orders can count on efficient, professional logistical support. FullPromoted embodies reliability and consistency so much so that Entrepreneur magazine recognized FullPromoted as a Top 500 franchise for several years. FullPromoted has served its community for decades and constantly expands its menu of services. When considering who is best for branding, there's no question it's FullPromoted.

#10 of 14 Top Custom Embroidered Products SF

Nichols Stitches

Nichols Stitches is a promotional product company based in CA. They offer decorative and imprinted products, clothing, and accessories. The firm serves clients across the country, and helping businesses build business is their focus. The team at Nichols Stitches will assist and guide you in the selection of products and custom artwork and wording, and they'll even help you create a marketing plan that will get your advertising message out in the most cost-effective ways. Nichols features online catalogs full of quality decorative products and apparel from which to choose, and there's something just right to meet your budget and achieve your objectives.

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Starfish Printing

Starfish printing is a screening company that offers screening and fulfillment, and embroidery. They use an exciting and effective process to put out custom designs on almost anything one could imagine, from customized t-shirts, hats bags, glassware, hoodies, polo shirts, and caps. Moreover, Starfish printing fulfill the orders using their well-oiled supply chain system. Published merchant is used to meet a variety of needs per customer requirements. For instance, they make unique shirts for organizations and events. Their custom branded items are the best way to get fans and participants excited about your company and make your team stand out from the crowd. The printing company aim to succeed and build strong relationships with their clients. They help save time and money. They are using the art of technology and equipment to provide top-quality quality at lower prices. They offer value-added services such as die-cutting and screen press logo design.

#12 of 14 Top-Notch Embroiderers in San Francisco

Embroidery To You

When it comes to professional embroidery services, Embroidery to You is one of the best companies in the game because of their customer service, quality work, low prices, and relatively quick job completion. Their customer service is excellent and they work to satisfy customers at each step along the way. The company works with both large and small orders, implementing customer designs while providing the high quality that makes them popular. Customer reviews agree that those looking for professional embroidery work should look no further than Embroidery to You.

#13 of 14 Best Custom Embroidered Products SF


BYOG Build Your Own Garment is set up with the right machines to handle all kinds of embroidery work. This company has been serving customers for a number of years, and they are always committed to quality with all of the work that they do. This company can complete projects in an efficient manner, getting embroidered items to those who ordered them in a relatively short amount of time. BYOG Build Your Own Garment can be contacted easily, and the team behind the company is always interested in working with customers while designing products for them.

#14 of 14 Top SF Embroidery Companies

J & D

J & D Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing has been in business for over 25 years. This reputable and family owned business delivers exceptional customer service and excellent quality work for each and every customer. Whether you are looking for a small order or a large quantity of items to be screen printed or embroidered, J & D Custom Embroidery & Screen Printing can meet all of your needs. This small business is staffed full of professionals who can answer all of your questions and find solution to all of your problems. They provide free estimates on work and offer competitive prices. This company delivers high quality work for each and every assignment they complete. If you are looking for exceptional customer service and one of a kind embroidery and screen printing, this company is sure to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Call them today to learn more about what they can offer!


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14 Best Embroidery Shops To Make Custom Apparel & Swag in 2024
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