SFist is uniquely connected to local businesses throughout the Bay Area. Our staff, largely San Francisco Natives, has worked with local service providers on jobs from SF to Sonoma to San Jose, and everywhere between. Using an intimate knowledge of the region and providing one of the farthest reaching networks of Bay Area users in our own site, SFist is able to give businesses the ability to target and market to hundreds of thousands of residents in your locale.

You Need a Better Lure to Catch the Big Fish in 2022

How Are SFist's Classified Ads Different?

SFist isn't your floppy old newspaper with boxed text ads for a great shoe shine. It also isn't boring banner ad on an irrelevant page. We know that you've spent money on those types of advertisements before and experienced virtually no improvement in your business.

Our classifieds are data-oriented and results-driven, and we are so confident in our ability to bring new customers to your door that our classified ads section always starts out as free. We prove our worth to you, then our partnership truly begins to grow your business!

What's more: we don't run the same boring ads that you've seen before. It's not about banners or display ads, so with a proven method that has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in business, we will begin sending you the phone calls, emails, and contact forms that drive your local business. With better calls to action and top-of-the-line inbound strategies, your cost of lead generation will be greatly reduced compared to even the largest of alternatives.

What Industries Do SFist's Classifieds Cover?

If you are a local service provider, SFist is your place to find new customers. We have worked with every type of business from security companies to plumbers to web designers to vinyl vehicle wrappers. For the full list of services we promote, click the following button and scroll to "Your Industry / Service" for a dropdown: