A San Francisco security guard was sent to the hospital with serious injuries after being attacked by an unleashed pit bull inside the San Francisco Public Library. [SPONSORED]

The whole thing was caught on video, showing a security guard was trying to help out the dog’s owner, who was unresponsive. The guard had been sent over specifically to help the owner, but as he was attempting to assist, the dog lunged out and sunk his teeth into the guard’s arm. The guard starting hitting the dog repeatedly, but the dog only latched down harder. When another guard starting hitting and pepper spraying the pet, it simply let go and bit down again more ferociously.

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The dog’s owner eventually woke up and got control of his pooch enough so that it let go of the guard, but was still cited for failure to control his animal, NBC Bay Area reports. Animal Care and Control took the dog in after the incident.

City librarian Michael Lambert told NBC Bay Area that he’s talking with advisors from Animal Care and Control, plus the Mayor’s Disability Office to take steps to ensure the attack is a one-time issue at the library.

“We are going to exhaust every option we have to prevent this from ever happening again,” said Lambert.

“While this is an isolated incident, in response to this attack, the library is reviewing its service animal policy and seeking additional resources for its security staff to help deescalate aggressive behavior from dogs,” a statement from Lambert to the Chronicle reads. “The safety of our patrons and staff are of the utmost importance, and we are doing everything we can to ensure that this never happens again.”