Many television news stations have hired security to help keep themselves safe while they’re out in the field. A recent shooting that killed an Oakland security guard proves why such measures may be necessary. [SPONSORED]

Kevin Nishita, a former police officer who was working for Star Protection Agency, was killed while protecting a TV reporter with KRON. The report was about a burglary at Prime 356, a clothing store in downtown Oakland. A group of three men tried to rob the news crew of its camera equipment around 12:20 p.m. and shot Nishita in the abdomen when he tried to step in.

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Nishita was taken to the hospital, but died three days later.

“We are devastated by the loss of security guard and our friend, Kevin Nishita,” said Jim Rose, KRON’s Vice President and General Manager in a statement to the Chronicle. “Our deepest sympathy goes to Kevin’s wife, his children, his family, and to all his friends and colleagues.”

There were three suspects in total associated with the case. One, Shadihia Mitchell, has already appeared in court, charged with murder, attempted robbery, and assault with a firearm. Hershel Hale is charged with the same crimes and is in jail.

The third suspect, Laron Gilbert, is still on the run. He had been arrested recently for a parole violation, but was released, KTVU reports, because authorities didn’t have enough information to hold him in connection with Nishita’s murder.

The Oakland Police Department says all three are members of a gang based out of San Francisco, though police chose not to specify which gang, refusing to give it any extra attention.

KTVU reports all three of the suspects accused of being involved in the crime have criminal records that include felony charges like shootings, assault against a peace officer, and illegal possession of firearms.

“We mourn the loss of retired police officer Kevin Nishita who honorably served our Bay Area Community. He was protecting/guarding a local news crew when he was senselessly murdered,” the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office wrote on Twitter. “We escorted his body from the hospital with full law enforcement honors.”