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Eaze’s Stoney Stocking Stuffer Ideas [SPONSORED]

When the holiday season rolls around in the Bay Area, there’s one universal gift idea that makes sense for just about anyone: cannabis.

From CBD tinctures to live resin concentrate, Eaze has the perfect stocking stuffer for every type of cannabis consumer. Whether you’re shopping for a first-timer or a seasoned stoner, rely on this product roundup to cover everything you need.

1. For the indica lover: Ember Valley Fuji Fritter

We all have that friend who won’t touch anything that isn’t indica-heavy, and Ember Valley’s Fuji Fritter is the best product to have on hand for them. Known for its powerful and relaxing high, this indica is perfect for a delightful holiday-themed euphoria.

2. For the OG stoner: Flow Kana Blue Dream

There are few strains more iconic than Blue Dream, and most OG stoners swear by its reliably powerful and ethereal effects. For your friend who knows a good thing and sticks by it, we have Flow Kana’s version of the esteemed strain.

With a deliciously sweet floral aroma, Blue Dream is undeniably the best option for a relaxed afternoon smoke: like jumping into the ocean and allowing an otherworldly calm to run down your spine.

3. For the sweet tooth: Emerald Sky Apple Pear Gummies

If you’re shopping for someone who prefers to ingest their cannabis – and has a hankering for all things sweet – we recommend checking out Emerald Sky’s Apple Pear Gummies.

Easy for any time, anywhere consumption, these tasty gummies are infused with a flavorless hybrid THC designed to make you feel refreshed as you chew on the fruity goodness.

4. For the vaper: Foxy Purple Limeade Liquid Diamonds

For your loved one who loves to vape, try Foxy’s Purple Limeade Liquid Diamonds cartridge. The product features a balanced taste of tropical citrus notes, sweet berries, and a touch of spice.

A sativa, it’s perfect for a day of creativity, productivity, or exploring a new area with some close friends.

5. For the balanced buzz: Wunder Blood Orange Bitters Sessions

Cannabis-infused beverages are becoming increasingly popular in the industry, and Wunder’s Blood Orange Bitters Sessions 4-pack is the perfect offering for anyone who likes a balanced buzz.

The perfect substitute for alcohol, which often results in unsavory side effects the next day, these drinks are infused with 2mg Delta-9 THC, 2mg Delta-8 THC, and 4mg CBD: perfect for a bold and refreshing high.

6. For the group sesh: Weekenders Chill Preroll 7-Pack

Looking for something quick and convenient you can take to your friend’s ugly Christmas sweater party? Weekenders’ Chill Preroll 7-pack is the perfect product to add to your cart.

With seven 0.5-gram cannabis-infused pre-rolls in every pack, this CBD-dominant blend is the perfect way to feel the effects while still feeling calm, balanced, and free to get creative.

7. For the discreet consumer: LEUNE Desert Gold All-In-One

Shopping for a cannabis consumer who prefers convenient, discreet, on-the-go products? Look no further than LEUNE’s all-in-ones – specifically the Desert Gold strain.

With tropical, peachy flavors, this sativa-dominant cartridge is low maintenance, muted, and easy to use: no battery required, and ready to puff on straight from the box.

8. For the concentrate connoisseur: Jetty Wedding Cake Live Badder

Finally, for the friend who long ago graduated from flower to concentrate, we present: Jetty’s Wedding Cake Live Badder. A Glue cross, this indica-leaning hybrid punches consumers with heavily relaxing effects, accompanied by the strain’s earthy aroma and taste. Get ready to experience a full-bodied high like no other.

Licenses: 1. Ember Valley C11-0000150-LIC, C11-0000497-LIC 2. Flow Kana C11-0000697-LIC 3. Emerald Sky CDPH-10002851 4. Foxy CDPH-10004187 5. Wunder CDPH-10003710 6. Weekenders C11-0000371-LIC, C11-0000497-LIC 7. LEUNE CDPH-10002016, CDPH-10003808 8. Jetty CDPH-10002243

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Eaze’s Stoney Stocking Stuffer Ideas [SPONSORED]
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