A woman sitting in a parklet outside Balboa Cafe in Cow Hollow with two friends last week had her purse snatched by a thief in a vehicle that pulled up beside the parklet — and the crime didn't end there.

As KPIX reports, last Wednesday night, the victim was dining with friends when a black car with tinted windows pulled up very close to the Balboa Cafe parklet. A suspect reached over the parklet's wooden barrier and grabbed the woman's purse from where she was sitting, and the car drove off.

The crime was captured on surveillance video (seen below) from Wilder, the bar across the street.

Shortly thereafter, the suspects located the woman's car — perhaps this had been an entire stakeout situation and they knew where to look, or they got lucky and had the keys from the purse. The woman soon found that her car, parked at Fillmore and Greenwich streets, had also been stolen.

Sean Doolan, who works at Wilder and helped police get access to the surveillance video, tells KPIX, "Two of her friends came over, obviously she was kind of hysterical. She had her belongings taken, her car taken, and you have to think about her safety as well. If they’re ballsy enough to steal her car, they could probably go to her house."

The crimes happened despite a significant number of people being out on the street at the time, and a typically heavy police presence in the neighborhood, Doolan said.

It's the latest example of brazen crimes being conducted as people are out and about this holiday season in San Francisco — and it serves a warning to keep your belongings secure and out-of-reach when dining outside.

The SFPD has not reported any arrests being made in connection with this incident.

Photo: Mostafa Mahmoudi