Thursday afternoon, San Francisco firefighters pulled a man from the surf at Eagle's Point, the victim described as being in "critical condition." Fire officials later announced that the man had died from his sustained injuries.

After an unsuccessful rescue attempt by an civilian, the San Francisco Fire Department was called — and the department's marine units, as well as a team from the U.S. Coast Guard, responded to the emergency. Once at the scene, a rescue boat was able to bring the victim to shore where he was met with paramedics who began resuscitating the victim.

However, the victim later succumbed to his injuries, fire officials said.

"Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced deceased," the fire department said in a statement published by SFGate. "It is unknown how or why this person was in the water."

According to the digital news outlet, the fire department didn't expand on the man's cause of death. However, buoy off San Francisco recorded water temperatures have been recorded around 55 degrees in recent days; the water's off San Francisco were measured 55.4 degrees today.

Such temperatures can cause hypothermia to set in quicker, which can increase someone's chance of drowning.

Earlier Saturday, SF firefighters successfully rescued two windsurfers off Crissy Bay; both individuals will be "OK," per the department.

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Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons