Former Oakland-based oral surgeon Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, who's been in jail for nearly two years already after being arrested on charges of child porn possession, attempted child porn production, and attempted child sex trafficking among others, was sentenced Wednesday to 16 years in federal prison.

Lavorini-Doyle, 38, was arrested back in December 2019 after he approached a custodial worker outside his accountant's office in Walnut Creek and offered to pay her $30,000 if he could have some private time with her two young daughters. Shortly after being questioned in that incident and released, Lavorini-Doyle boarded a plane to Cambodia after downloading a "sex guide for men," and he was allegedly intent on finding children to molest there.

According to his attorneys, despite the mountain of porn he was found in possession of and the creepy camera set-up for filming sex in his home, and the lengthy exchanges he had with some apparent fraudster pimps in the East Bay who promised to hook him up with underage girls, Lavorini-Doyle never actually succeeded in having sex with a child. The fraudsters connected him with teen prostitutes who were over 18 whom they said were underage, but that was it, allegedly, despite his having paid a $55,000 finders fee and probably much more than that.

At the accountant appointment in question, Lavorini-Doyle was apparently trying to sort out how to pay off $700,000 in debt he'd incurred in his attempts to score illicit sex with minors.

Now, via the sentencing hearing, the Mercury News reports that the December 2019 offer to "buy" that custodial worker's daughters was the result of the six ecstasy tablets Lavorini-Doyle took that day, which were likely laced with methamphetamine. That's what his attorneys said in court filings, and they blamed most of his criminal behavior on drug use.

Lavorini-Doyle also issued a statement saying that his incarceration had been a "blessing," and that he was "horrified and disgusted" by his behavior two years ago.

"I see now that I was a danger to the public," he wrote. "The time I have served has spared me from harming anyone else… Although my life up to this point has had severe flaws, I remain hopeful that I will find redemption and make it up to society."

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer sentenced him to 16 years as well as supervised release.

This may not be the end of legal troubles for Lavorini-Doyle however, as there are still kidnapping and human trafficking charges pending against him in Contra Costa County.

As we learned two weeks ago, there also may be charges coming for a Concord man, not yet identified publicly, who was allegedly Lavorini-Doyle's main point of contact in attempting to traffic a minor, and who did allegedly pimp out two teenagers.

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