When locals think of the Marina District, the pricey neighborhood with beautiful views of both the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate, they don't hope that you think of rampant home and auto burglaries or the need to hire a private security company to prevent those crimes on you block. The Marina is generally known for its lively bars and restaurants, the grassy Marina Green with its running and bike paths, and perhaps a slightly higher percentage of ex-frat bros, but a group of residents from Marina District have, in fact, enlisted a private mobile security team to monitor the neighborhood, as previously reported by CBS Bay Area.


As it seems, there has been an increase in robbery and larceny/theft incidents over the last few months, according to SFPD's crime data from August 1 to the present (below). More precisely, a 22 percent increase in robberies and a 30 percent increase in larceny-theft, as shown in the graphs below.

Chart Courtesy of SanFrancisco.org

As of March 2020, burglaries in San Francisco have been up by 62% on average. COVID-19, with its initial long list of difficulties, moved a lot of people out of San Francisco, leaving vacant homes and other personals more likely to get burglarized. The data since then has ebbed and flowed but overall, people’s personal property is in others’ crosshairs.

As many in the city know, many people are returning to their offices and houses, reducing the opportunities for robbery and larceny-theft. In the Marina, though, an area typically bustling with locals and tourists seems to be a new hot spot for thefts to target, possibly because it is “untapped.” According to experts, monthly data on crime rates should be treated with caution. There are many factors to cause short-term boosts or declines in different types of crime, but that doesn’t negate what people living in the area are feeling and noticing today.

Some residents who can afford it are hiring private special patrol officers that patrol clients’ neighborhoods during peak times of theft and other forms of burglary. Many of these officers have seen their client list increase over the last year solely because of the issue of car burglaries, people experiencing homelessness sleeping on private property, and other crimes. Obviously, this is not something everyone can afford, so always lock your vehicle, even while driving, park in well-lit, relatively populated areas, take out all valuables from your car, and finally install extra car security to ensure that all property stays untouched.

SFPD doesn’t mince words when it comes to recognizing that rising crime and burglaries are ongoing for residents and tourists. They acknowledge the issue and, being in one of the most technologically progressive cities globally, keep San Francisco up to date with data, statistics, and news. As noted, there are many factors to the rise in robberies and theft, from more people experiencing homelessness, complex drug policies, low unemployment, and unaffordable housing. Unfortunately, this has caused many long-time residents of the Marina and greater San Francisco to move for the indefinite future.

In this challenging time, there are resources to keep you and your family secure. SFSAFE.ORG is an excellent support system filled with pertinent information. It goes without saying, stay safe out there.