A two-year-old story involving an Oakland oral surgeon who pleaded guilty to child pornography and attempted child sex trafficking charges has an update, and it involves a group of Bay Area suspects with whom he allegedly negotiated the use of children for his sexual pleasure.

No one else has been charged with a crime since the December 2019 arrest of Dr. Cassidy Lavorini-Doyle, despite his having told authorities of multiple negotiations he had with a Concord man and three accomplices to have sex with underage girls. And the latest development, via court records, outlines a deal Lavorini-Doyle says he struck with the Concord man to have sex with a 10-year-old girl whom the man showed him a picture of in August 2019.

Lavorini-Doyle agreed to plead guilty last May, as the Mercury News reports, to charges of attempted sex trafficking of a child, attempted production of child pornography, travel with intent to engage in illicit sexual conduct, and receipt of child pornography. Those charges stemmed from a raid of Lavorini-Doyle's home and apparently his subsequent confession — and he also made statements to local authorities in an effort to gain their good will, saying he would help them find local sex traffickers.

Back in July 2018, Lavorini-Doyle says that he paid a female member of the East Bay group to arrange an encounter for him with a "younger" girl. The woman allegedly arranged for him to meet a 19-year-old woman who was posing as a 14-year-old girl, and Lavorini-Doyle had sex with her. In August 2018, Lavorini-Doyle was reportedly introduced to the Concord man, whom he knew under the alias Joseph Wilson. Wilson, he said, arranged for him to meet a 16-year-old girl, but when he met the girl in Concord, Lavorini-Doyle said he wasn't attracted to her, but he paid everyone $5,000 for their trouble.

Lavorini-Doyle told investigators that the group later arranged for him to have sex with a different 16-year-old girl in Stockton. And in August 2019, Lavorini-Doyle says he reached out to the Concord man saying he would pay "top dollar" for a 10-year-old whom he could rape "for at least a day."

Investigators with the Contra Costa County Sheriff's Office say that Lavorini-Doyle may have paid the man $50,000, but the deal was never completed. They seem still to be unsure whether the Concord man had just showed Lavorini-Doyle a fake photo of a 10-year-old girl and was trying to take his money — and then perhaps blackmail him — or whether there was an actual sex-trafficking deal in the works.

As the Mercury News notes, none of the four people Lavorini-Doyle dealt with, including this "Joseph Wilson," has been prosecuted.

But the Concord man could face other charges.

Lavorini-Doyle's December 2019 arrest came shortly after he had offered a Walnut Creek custodial worker — who worked at his accountant's office — $30,000 to spend time with her two young daughters. The incident had a bizarre desperation to it, after Lavorini-Doyle was apparently discussing being tens of thousands of dollars in debt to some shady characters with his accountant.

Police were called, and Lavorini-Doyle was let off after he said there had just been a "cultural misunderstanding." But authorities were watching, and after he was released from police detention, he booked a flight to Cambodia the next day, and returned having allegedly downloaded a "Cambodia sex guide for men," and in possession of alleged receipts for sex encounters with 10-year-old girls. Homeland Security arrested him upon his return to the Bay Area, and he's remained in custody ever since.

During a search of his home, authorities found child pornography videos, including some that included Lavorini-Doyle, and multiple hidden cameras set up to record sexual encounters.

The Concord man could end up facing extortion or other charges, after he allegedly reached out to Lavorini-Doyle's father in the wake of the December 2019 arrest. According to investigators, the Concord man said something about being cheated by Lavorini-Doyle, and threatened to "send a video of him along with his full name to Channel 2 news."

Lavorini-Doyle may end up with a life sentence from the sex-trafficking charge alone, and we'll know later this month when he is sentenced in federal court.

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